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W hile there are a vast number of video editing software available for PC, free video editor apps for Android smartphones are no less on the Google Play Store. They are convenient to work with and have a collection of amazing features. Here, we have compiled a list of best Android video editor apps forwhich are free in the Play Store. With these editors, you can arrange the clips to perfection and also upload the videos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. FilmoraGo is a remarkable Android video editor app that is liked by many users.

All the primary functions like trimming, cutting, adding themes, music, etc. You can also make square videos for Instagram, videos for Youtube, create reverse videos, add transitions, slow motion, text, etc. FilmoraGo has got some in-app purchases, but most of the fantastic features are available for free.

Audio Stretch - Power Tool for Music Transcription

You can either save the videos in your gallery directly or share it straight to any social networking site. It displays a wordmark at the end of the video, but you can remove it with the upgrade.

Adobe Premiere Clip enables you to edit any video right from your Android device quickly. It is fast and fun to use. The best feature about Clip is the automatic video creation capability, i. Moreover, you can also create your videos with multiple video editing functions like cutting, trimming, adding transitions, music, filters, effects, etc. It is free to download and does not display any ads. It also has direct video sharing capabilities for sharing videos on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

VideoShow has received numerous awards and is undoubtedly one of the best video editing apps for Android available in the Play Store for free. With a user-friendly interface, VideoShow is reliable and easy to use. Apart from the essential functions, you can also beautify your video by adding text, effects, music and sound effects or perform live dubbing. There are over 50 different themes available, and you can also reduce the size of your video by compressing it.

The videos do not lose any quality and have no video duration limits. This FilmoraGo alternative app has support for almost all Android devices. PowerDirector is a fully featured android video editor that has an easy-to-use timeline interface, but it might take you some time to get used to the controls.

However, once you become an expert with this app, you can create professional and effect rich videos within seconds. It has over 30 different effects and transition effects to choose from and add to your video. Using this app, you can create awesome green screen videos.

PowerDirector also comes with tutorial videos for all of its functions. Most of its features are available in the free version, but upgrading to the full version allows you to remove watermark, ads, and even to extract videos in and 4K resolutions.

It is supported in Android 4. Combined with a well-designed interface along with powerful features, KineMaster is a convenient video editing tool for Android. It enables the drag-n-drop technique to import different media files easily. KineMaster offers remarkable levels of control over the editing process to create professional videos quickly.

You can add different types of transition in between video fragments, or insert blocks of texts or subtitles. However, the removal of the watermark and full access to premium assets can only be accessed if you purchase the professional edition of the app.

Besides this, most of the functions come in the free version. Quik is another smart way to create excellent videos. It is fast and free.If you want to get away from the studio and start editing audio on the go, you should know that it is totally possible these days with the best free audio editing app for Android.

No longer do you need a dedicated studio to sit and cut, splice, and trim audio. And best of all, much of this audio editing software out there is free. Sure, they might have some in-app purchases to extend what the software is capable of doing, but for the most part, you can start editing audio for free. What best free audio editing app for android options are out there for you, though?

First up on our list is the MP3 Cutter app. This is a basic audio editing tool that will allow you to edit music files. This application was designed for consumers or casual audiophiles to be able to edit music on the go — you can merge audio files, cut, splice, trim, etc. You can save your editing files, you can pull editing files, and you can even set your own files as a ringtone right within the application.

Media Converter is another great option out there. It offers your basic audio editing tools, as well as a little more, such as the file conversions. Check it out for yourself at the link below. WavePad Audio Editor is one of the more advanced audio editing applications on this list.

It has a lot of the basic features that you would expect, such as clipping, trimming, cutting, merging, and so much more. You can really round it out into a professional audio editing app if you start to use it often.

Lexis Audio Editor is another great option, and perhaps might have the most user friendly interface on this list. One of the neat things is that you can create new audio files with a record button, and edit them on the fly with the various editing functions. Last up, but certainly not least, we have MixPad.

This is a piece of free audio editing software that allows you to take the studio on the go. You can take all the power of your audio equipment and recording equipment, and put it in MixPad, allowing you to create professional audio files in a pinch i.

Get started with it at the link below. Both are professional pieces of software that you can output some really great audio with. We will receive sales commission if you purchase items using our links. Learn More.Android is definitely the best mobile operating system out there. The mobile operating system is right now used by millions of users.

Android is always known for its massive app ecosystem. Just take a brief look at the Google Play Store, you will find apps for every different purpose over there. If we talk particularly about the music on Android, the Google Play Store has lots of offerings.

In fact, on Techviral, we have already shared lots of articles on Android music, like best music player appsmusic streaming appsetc. Today, we will be talking about the best music editing apps for Android.

With audio editing apps, you can edit music files on your Android. This is one of the best apps that you will love to have on your device.

With this app, you can make high-quality tracks as a sequence of loops, mixing synths, drums, samplers, audio recordings, analog modulators, and arpeggiators.

Android Music Players: 10 Best Free Audio Players for Android in 2019

Apply FX to channels and export to mp3 or ringtones. Apart from editing, this application also supports the merging of audio files. The application is designed to make music editing very easy and fun. Also, there are lots of new features in this app that you will come to know after using this cool app on your Android device. Another best audio editing app for your Android that allows you to edit your media according to your wish.

This app provides a handy user interface for easy ringtone editing, assigning these ringtones to your contacts and making them default tones.

ZeoRing provides you with an organized view of all your audio files. You can also record sound and make it the ringtone. It is also a very cool audio editor app that you will love to use on your Android device. WavePad is a free sound and audio editing application. Record, edit, add effects, and then save audio or send it to others to share or continue editing on another device.

With Music Maker Jam, you can combine thousands of professional samples and bring your musical ideas to life. Record vocals, rap, or random sounds and use the 8-channel mixer to give your mix the right balance.One of the most amazing things about Android is its flexibility.

And this extends to music player apps. There are literally hundreds of app in the Google Play Store for audiophiles to choose from. These apps are perfect for those who want to customize their listening, storage, and other preferences. We have narrowed the list down to ten best free music player apps for Android in Before we go to our list, we will talk about the built-in music player on your Android phone. Google Play Music has traditional functions where you can make a playlist, shuffle the songs, etc.

It also offers cloud streaming. And best of all, it is already installed on your phone. But why do you need a third-party app? Well, for the most part, Google Play Music has limited features. It is enough for casual music fans, but not for hardcore ones. Some people also need features such as equalizers, tagging of files, folder views, cooler interface, etc.

However, these features are only available in third-party app. Here, we list the ten best music players according to their functions and interfaces. Whether you are a casual listener or an audiophile, you can find the one that suits you best.

If you need an easy to use music player with convenient to access tabs for albums, playlists, and artists, Musicolet is your choice.

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It has traditional features, which include lyrics support, tag editor, sleep timer, widgets and more. Users say that they recommend this app in terms of its functionality which brings an impressive music experience. If you are the type to root for apps with great visuals, Phonograph will be very much to your taste.

It comes with a user interface that changes to match the colour of the content on the screen.After shooting a video with your Android smartphone, you may need to edit it for better quality and make it more fantastic. In this article, we will introduce two kinds of ways to edit videos shot by your Android phone. One recommended way is to directly import video from Android phone to desktop-based video editing software for advanced editing.

The other one is to edit by using free video editor apps running on Android systems for easy editing. There are so many free video editors for the Android smartphone. Keep reading to get more detailed information about the top 10 best video editing apps for Android. If you need to editor your iPhone video and do not know which video editing app is best for your iPhone, you can check free iPhone video editor apps.

On an Android phone, editing videos can be a bit difficult. Editing your video with the applications running on your Android devices are certainly rather convenient, but cons are that they are usually quite limited when it comes to functions and features.

It is highly recommended you to try Wondershare Filmora9a desktop-based software which supports directly importing videos from your Android phone. All you need is to plug in an USB and let the program detects video files located in your Android phone, and then import it to the program for editing.

Check our video tutorial guide to learn the detailed tricks of editing video with Filmora9. With all basic video editing functions such as trimming, splitting, adding music, texts and voice overs etc. Filmora also comes with many advanced editing functions such as video overlay, transition, mosaic, tilt-shift, jump cut and dozens more. What's more, you can stabilize your shaky video footage with the built-in Video Stabilization function.

After finishing editing, you can save the video to your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad, or directly upload the video to your Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo to share with your family and friends, or burn to DVD collection. If you want a pro tool to edit your videos and media files shot with your Android phone, then the FilmoraGo Video Editor is the best.

And there are cool special effects available in the APP, such as overlay and filter effects, animated text and title effects, motion elements etc. With the easy-to-use intuitive interface, you would have no problem while editing your videos and share them with the world.

FilmoraGo is also available on iOS. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, get it from the App store instead:.

Audio tools android free

Learn more about FilmoraGo. VivaVideo is one of the best video editing software, image slideshow maker and movie editing app. The free VivaVideo will come with a watermark and a limited time for your video. Quik Video Editor by GoPro is one of the easiest ways to create beautiful videos with just a few taps. Just select your favorite images and video clips on your Android phone, Facebook or Instagram account, and then the APP will analyze and create a short video for you.

You can also add transition effects, titles, filters, music and more to make your video more creative and unique, and then share it with your friends easily. KineMaster is a full-featured video editing tool. It has multitracked timeline with full drag-n-drop support which enables you to easily import different types of media files and move them around with your finger.

It's also equipped with robust video editing options and wide range of tools for improving video quality. Adding transitions, texts, and voice-over are also available. Funimate is one of the most fun video editor, but not overly powerful app.

It allows you to create professional image slideshow and add soundtracks.While I prefer to edit videos on my Mac, I do edit quite a lot of videos on my Android device when I am in a hurry. To help you get started with your video editing journey on Android, we have tried and tested a bunch of video editing apps to find the best ones out there. The app supports multi-layer timeline editing with support for multiple layers of video, images, and text.

It even supports multi-track audio allowing you to easily add voiceovers and background music without any hiccup. When it comes to video editing tools, the app features all the tools you might need, including trim, cut, precise audio controls, color LUT filters, 3D transitions, and more.

I love how smooth KineMaster is when I am using video playback while editing the video. The app even comes with effects support, access to thousands of royalty free music tracks, overlays, stickers, and more.

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If you are looking for a powerful video editing app for your Android device, you should definitely try it out. The app is free to use for personal, non-commercial use, but videos exported from the free version have a watermark. You can get a subscription to remove the watermark and get access to downloadable premium-assets for your videos. PowerDirector Video Editor App Another powerful video editing app for Android is the PowerDirector video editor which brings a powerful multiple track timeline video editor along with free video effects, slow motion controls, voice over support, action cam editing and more.

One of the USPs of PowerDirector is its chroma key feature which allows you to edit the background of your video by applying green screen effects. Overall, this app is very capable and should easily serve all your mobile editing needs. The app can be used for free, but it only supports p exports in the free version. However, you can unlock support for rendering p and 4k videos with an in-app purchase.

Supported Formats: Video: H. Quik While the above two apps are really good and powerful video editors, what if you are not looking for a full-fledged video editor rather for something which is quick and easy to use and makes your videos look beautiful?

Well, in that case, check out Quik by GoPro which is probably the best such video editing app that you can find on the Play Store. With Quick, you can create awesome videos with just a few taps. Just choose your favorite videos and photos and let Quik do the rest of the work. Quik comes with 23 beautiful themes which can transform your home captured videos into something which look professionally shot and edited. You can even choose your own music to give your videos a more personal touch.

Quick is really good at what it does and if quick, social media-ready videos are what you are looking for, you should definitely take a look at Quik. Adobe Premiere Rush is available for Windows, macOS as well and it brings a lot of features but I think the biggest and the most important feature here is support for multi-track timeline, you can have four video and three audio tracks at once for a truly pro editing approach.

Premiere Rush also has features like a built-in camera for more control, more than free motion graphics templates, music templates, and more. Plus, if you are wondering, you can use Premiere Rush to edit the audio too. You get features like sound balancing, auto-ducking, and noise cancellation. When it comes to the performance, Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing app I have used on multiple devices and while it has worked fine on most high end phones and iPhones, it does get a bit stuttery on low end devices.

Apart from that, another thing to note here is that it requires a Creative Cloud account and the free version of the app is limited to 3 exports.

FilmoraGo is pretty easy to use and offers quite a bit of control. As I said, the app offers good control. You can trim and cut videos, add effects and music and apply transitions.

When it comes to music, FlimoraGo offers a healthy selection of copyright free music, however, you can use your own music if you want to. The app can export videos in both for Instagram and ratios. Overall, I had fun using this video editor and recommend that you check it out.

Timbre is an easy to use and simple video editing app which brings a small set of features. This is not a full-blown video app rather an app which lets you perform certain actions quite easily and quickly. The main features of the app include video and audio cutter, converter, joiner, splitter, and more.There are a lot of conveniences that smartphones have. One of the biggest is the ability to record audio anytime, anywhere.

There are a variety of sound recording apps on Android. You can find super basic stuff as well as full-featured DAWs digial audio workstations. We have a mixture of both to cover as many use cases as possible.

Here are the best audio recording apps for Android! Some other features include support for USB audio interfaces, various FX packs, various audio effects, multi-track recording, MIDI support, and non-destructive editing.

We filled up this whole space with features because it has a ton of them. We recommend this for people who want to record with their studio mics on their phones as long as that mic is connected to a USB audio interface.

BandLab is an above average audio recorder. It features a track mixer, a bunch of audio samples, a looper, a guitar tuner, and, of course, the ability to record audio. It may be a little much for a single artist or simple voice recordings.

However, those who want to give audio recording a real try and need multiple tracks have a decent option with this one. There is also a social media element that people seem to enjoy. Easy Voice Recorder is what the name says. This is mostly for simple voice recordings. It works great for recording lectures, interviews, and other practical uses. The app also supports Wear OS and includes a dark theme.

The free version contains ads and the premium version does not. This is a good, simple audio recorder. FL Studio Mobile is a lot like Caustic 3. It has a bunch of tools for electronic style music like electronica, techno, hip-hop, and similar music styles.

That includes a bunch of effects, synths, and the ability to record live audio if needed. You can create, mix, master, etc. There are tools for all of that stuff. It also includes plugin support. The app started a little bit clunky, but has improved over time. The price tag is also a little bit steep. The in-app purchases are for additional plugins and add-ons. Hi-Q is an above average voice recorder. It supports MP3 and that makes it decent for the occasional guitar song or musical idea as well.

The app also features Dropbox support, widgets, and a WiFi transfer function. There is a free and premium version. The premium version has all of the extra features. Music Maker Jam is a fairly popular sound recording and mixing app.

Audio tools android free

It includes a ton of samples, tools, and various music-making features. You can record your own music and vocals as well.

Audio tools android free

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